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Monday, 27 June 2011

Deal with the Devil

According to many the illuminati are the devil worshipers. They claim they sold their souls to the devil for money, fame and power. I tried researching how one can go about selling their soul and found different procedures that all say at the end with..."I would never sell my soul" or it's your soul, it's your choice but I would never sell mine. Books have been published for those who want success in music, business, and others serve as a guide to one selling their soul.

Selling your soul is a big deal if you want to anyways. You need to acknowledge that you have a soul. Then you must believe that there is Satan and thus God exists. Someone who believes that God exists has the idea of heaven and hell. Someone with the idea of heaven and hell knows that in hell you will burn for your eternal life. Which is why I pose the question, who in their right mind would consider making that choice knowing the consequences?

I'm also trying to find out  how the first person discovered how to sell his/her soul, how demons possess people and how Satan is able to make contact with the living

Many people have been spreading rumours that certain individuals have sold their souls through social networking, the streets, blogs and websites. I've seen video footage with people making blood oaths.

I don't know what's happening around us anymore, people are making such allegations without any proof, the only thing they have is word of mouth. Could the term 'selling your soul to the devil' be literal or figurative? I'm open to anything educational, if you can answer some of my questions about soul selling I'd really appreciate it.

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