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Friday, 24 June 2011

Introduction to the ILLUMINATI

Illuminati is Latin for "Enlightened, Brilliant or simply clever".

The Illuminati is a group of people belonging to a society founded by Adam Weishaupt in the 1760's known back then as the Bavarian Illuminati. Weishaupt put together the master plan of the group in the 1770's. This was a highlight of the illuminati goals and was finished on May 1, 1776. Whether or not the plan was to conquer the world that is still the big Q.

According to today's urban youth, the illuminati are the devil worshipers. This is of course not true, the illuminati are not a religious society. Weishaupt defected from the Catholic Church not because he decided that he's following the devil but he was looking for reasoning. The group was for intellectuals (brilliant/illuminated individuals), people who had what they thought was a better idea of how the world functions. These people called themselves brilliant because they thought they could reason better than the community they came from whose reasoning was based solely on the Bible. Scientists, engineers, biologists, geologists, etc, all go into their respective fields of study because they have a different idea of how our world works even though some grew up in strictly religious homes.

The claim that the illuminati are the devil worshipers has really gone out of hand, now it's aiming to destroy pop-culture icons. Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Kanye West and many more mainstream artists are being accused of being devil worshipers, having sold their souls to the devil they are now successful on the hands of the devil AKA Rainman. It is said that the devil controls Hollywood, the television and the music industries. It is also said that it's a hierarchy of people and the ones on top (the ones who pull the strings) are owners of successful businesses such as mines, banks and the motor industry. If you go on to google images now and search for this you'll see images of presidents (United States) inside "The Church of Satan". Clearly this is some immature grown person playing around with his/her artistic skills to create images that are false at face value.

Whatever you hear or read about on the internet, it's not 100% true until you go and do your own research. Do not just believe, find reasons to.
This is my first blog and I'll be back with even more insight on this topic. Tell me what you think

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